About KIKO Products Inc.

A brief history of our company and our mission

KIKO Products Inc. was formed in July 2006. It launched with its first product 6 months later in January 2007 from its home office and moved over to the St. Catharines downtown core in March 2007.

The company began to launch its first product, WRIST RITE , a golf tool, which provides the solution for the number one problem golfers face, bending the lead wrist at impact. President and CEO, Charlie Kingston, was told by his doctor that he had high cholesterol and had to get out and be active. He chose golf as his activity but was frustrated with his slices and hooks and inaccurate shots. Delving into books to find out how to fix his golf slice, he kept coming across the same content. The key is in keeping the lead wrist flat. Tiger said it, Ben Hogan said it, Ken Venturi said it, all the experts he was learning from agreed the wrist being straight at impact was vital to keeping your clubface square at impact and hit better golf shots.

As a biomechanical engineers (specializes in correcting body alignment) in Canada, Charlie came up with the simple solution to the problem, a golf tool device which would keep the wrist flat instantly. The Wrist Rite was born.

With the advent of more leisure time, people are more active today in sports such as golfing, fishing, cycling and running etc.

Keeping this in mind and knowing that Golf is one of the largest leisure activities today, we spent countless hours trying to bring the game into perspective for the average person so they can enjoy their time without countless hours of practice.

The Professionals say the #1 problem golfers have in their game in attaining a firm lead wrist at impact. We created a dynamic product which solves this problem and can be used on either hand, for various wrist sizes, and can be used when you need to use it the most and removed from your lead glove in times of the game you don't need to wear it.

That proud result is the WRIST RITE.

This is THE PRODUCT that helps you to do that INSTANTLY so you can get right into your game and playing better.

The Goal of KIKO PRODUCTS INCORPORATED is the advancement of technology that makes sports products simple to use while achieving OUTSTANDING results.

KIKO Products Inc. will launch more of its line up of product. Our research team includes two former Olympians and a biomechanical engineer whose product analysis keeps them working diligently in a variety of areas to bring these products to fruition.

KIKO PRODUCTS INC. is proud to be an All Canadian Company, creating and producing products that are MADE IN CANADA.

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