How do you Correct Problems with your Golf Wrist, Reduce Slices and Hooks and Improve Your Golf Game NOW?

Tiger Woods, How I Play GolfTiger Woods, How I Play Golf

Tiger says:
"All kinds of bad things happen
(when you bend your wrist) ....

.... from chili-dipping and skulling to decelerating and hitting the ball too high or too low."

The Flat Lead Wrist is Vital to Your Golf Game

The Flat Lead Wrist is a key element in Your Golf Game. It controls the direction of the club face. When you bend your lead golf wrist, you take the clubface out of alignment.

Bending of the Lead Golf Wrist
The Flat Lead Wrist Position

95% of golfers have problems bending their wrist which leads to slices, hooks, poor distance, inaccurate shots and worst of all bad handicap scores. Why? ...

We Try to help the ball into the air

We get the clubface out of alignment somewhere at the top of the swing and needing to compensate to get back into alignment.

Habit. We all bend our wrists on a constant basis because it's a natural movement in daily activity.

Wrist Rite creates a flat lead wrist INSTANTLY from the top of your swing, right through the impact zone.

Wrist Rite makes it easy for anyone to play a better game of golf.

Wrist Rite corrects your wrist position, so it stays flat in the swing plane allowing you to...

Keep the club face square with the ball.

Drive with more accuracy.

Increase power and distance so you hit further and need less strokes.

Reduce your slices and hooks.

Lower your golf scores and get bragging rights on the 19th hole.

Reduce practice time and spend more time playing.

Break the Habit of bending your wrist while you play.

Reduce Your risk of wrist injuries

Have one less thing to think about during your swing!

Get Bragging Rights on the 19th Hole!

Wrist Rite is worn right inside your lead hand golf glove. It's sleek, lightweight design makes it the perfect tool to take with you anywhere you golf. In fact, its so slim, it fits in your pocket or golfbag so its conveniently available when you want to use it and easy to store when you don't!

The Wrist Rite also fits either left or right wrist and any size of wrist. Simply slip it into your glove and get right into your game!

The Wrist Rite tool was ergonomically designed to give you instant feedback to keep your lead wrist straight.

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Canadian Professional Golfer, John White (CPGA), just one of several Pro Golfers who are using Wrist Rite, SAYS:

The BIGGEST GOLF MISTAKE is when golfers bend their lead wrist when the clubface makes impact with the ball.

Most teachers and instructional theories overlook teaching the correct position of the clubface. The Wrist Controls the Clubface Direction.

The problem is there is very little time, 1.5 seconds, to get your wrist in the right position if it's out of position at the top of your swing. If your not constantly aware of how your wrist is positioned you'll be hitting the ball all over the place.

For just half (1/2) the price of a golf lesson the Wrist Rite golf tool provides a lifetime of lessons on one of the most important aspects of the golf swing, the flat lead wrist. Every golfer, pro shop, golf student and golf pro should have this product.

Back in 1982.....

Pro Golfer Ken Venturi Wore Casts on His Wrists to Teach Them to Stay Straight!

John White had been looking for something for students to train to help them with their bent wrist problems and then he discovered WRIST RITE.

The slim design of Wrist Rite certainly beat Pro Golfer Ken Venturi's demo of correcting his wrist postion by placing his wrists in casts. (September 1982 edition of Golf Magazine!)

"I have bought other devices in the past but they were too cumbersome and didn’t do the job. Most of them felt like Ken Venturi's casts. So I took Wrist Rite for my own test drive.

As a golf professional I can tell you that Wrist Rite is the absolute #1 golf device to help you improve your golf game."

John White CPGA has been a golf teaching professional for over 35 years and has played on both the Canadian and Australian Tours.

Shave Strokes and improve your handicap! Eliminate Your slices or hooks! Have one less thing to think about during your swing!

It helps to Create Muscle Memory in your wrist while you play.

Provides consistent wrist alignment in your swing.

Prevents your lead wrist from bending at impact.

Helps reduce your slices and hooks.

Increases your power for longer drives.

Provides you with more accuracy for consistently straighter strokes.

Lowers your golf scores.

Slips into your lead hand glove quick and easily so you can get right into your game. Plug and Play!

Fits either your right or left lead hand glove.

Fits any wrist size.

Reduces the risk of injury by eliminating the strain that causes wrist injuries.

Wrist bending in golf Correct Wrist Position

Just Check Out some of the great recognitions we received recently!

Reviewed by As Seen on TV and Given highest ratings

In an independent review by As Seen on TV Wrist Rite was given top notch marks. Click to view the independent review
"The product has been given our top notch rating as WORKS AS ADVERTISED, which is fantastic. Congratulations on a wonderful review."
~ Laura Shepherd, V.P.

Recommended by PGA, CPGA and other Golf Professionals as the Number one golf tool
Pro's Know, Wrist Rite Works!
John White, among other great Canadian Golf Professionals at participating courses (see more) have also recommended the Wrist Rite Golf Tool to their clients. John White has become KIKO's resident golf expert, sharing his tips and techniques and other golf thoughts in our online Expert Blog and read John's Wrist Rite Recommendation and Bio


Wrist Rite recommended by The Golfing Machine
Wrist Rite recommended by The Golfing Machine
A Textbook Lesson in Golf!
After personally reviewing the product, Joe Daniels, President of "The Golfing Machine", (Authorized instructor program based on the book written by Homer Kelley and dubbed the "Golf Textbook") says it is the perfect compliment to for the AI program and recommends this product for promoting a flat lead wrist. Wrist Rite will soon be offered on the Golfing Machine web site.

Recommended by PGA Golf Professional
GOLFTEC PGA Golf Pro loves the convenience of the Sleek Wrist Rite Tool
From Your pocket to your glove, says David Romo, a Golf Instructor for Golftec in Boca Raton, Florida, a Golf Teaching Facility with locations all over the USA. David introduced us to this popular training facility and we made wonderful connections with management at the head office. As part of their own program training for golf teachers, Golftec offers the Wrist Rite in their teacher instructional booths.

Best New Golf Training Aid

Glenlivit Rankings - Scoregolf Magazine 2007
We were very pleased to be counted amongst some of the best new golf training aids in the 2007 Glenlivit Rankings as seen in Score Golf Magazine. From coast to coast pro's were able to nominate and vote for what they thought were the best golf tools available and Wrist Rite™ golf training aid was among those mentioned.

Other Golf Pro's Agree - The Flat Left Wrist is Vital

Here's just a few quotes from TOP GOLF EXPERTS

"Keeping the left wrist from cupping is essential to keeping the clubface on-line during the swing. If, from a weak hold, you hinge your wrists so that the left wrist cups, you'll rotate the clubface too far open on the backswing. Only the player blessed with ultra-fast hand speed will be able to square up the face at impact from this position."
Joe Thiel, PGA Master Professional, Golf Tips Magazine

"High Handicappers execute what is called an early release. They scoop the ball at impact because they lose the lag too early in the downswing. They have a collapsed left wrist and their hands are behind the ball. As such, they suffer a tremendous loss of power and direction and end up with a very weak hit. It's necessary to hit down with a flat left wrist that's ahead of the ball at impact."
Karen Palacios-Jansen Class A LPGA Teaching Pro

"There is only one position your hands need to be in at impact if you want to hit a solid crisp shot. The back of the forward or front hand (lead) needs to be flat. No condition is as critical in the golf swing. Back wrist bent, front wrist flat - that is the key to longer golf shots at the proper height!"
Tom Jackson PGA Osterbrook G&CC (Ontario Golf Magazine - OG)

"The flat left wrist is not only the number one alignment but also the first imperative. When the left wrist is allowed to bend during the impact interval, control of the clubface becomes difficult, if not improssible. The flat wrist allows for better control over the clubhead and clubface."
Joe Daniels, GSED, The Golfing Machine
The Authorized Golf Instructor Program based on Homer Kelley's "The Golfing Machine" book what some Pro's refer to as the textbook on Golf.

This is the #1 GOLF TOOL to CORRECT the #1 PROBLEM in your golf game!

Don't go another day of golfing without the tool that will straighten your slices and hooks, improve your accuracy and give you Ultimate Bragging Rights on the 19th Hole!.

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