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  • BLOG: This Week in KIKO
    All the newest content on this web site and the latest in KIKO Golf News.
  • BLOG:Read John White's CPGA Blog
  • BLOG: Read our Golf Blog
    For great tips and golf related information as well as the latest FOXGolf news turn to our blog for the inside scoop.
  • NEW-COMING 2009: KIKO is not just Golf! We are an innovative company which will introduce several new products in the future. Our next venture leads us into very familiar territory as we launch our Fishing Web Site and products.

    We are about to explode on the scene with the newest fishing tackle since the 1960's. You won't want to miss the big launch! Read and Save our Blog to Your Favorites so you won't miss the upcoming announcements for this big launch!
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golf articles
  • Playing Great Golf Newsletter
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    Golf Experts Discuss The Wrist
    Top Golf Experts let you know why the wrist is a key element in your golf game.
  • Golf News/Tips
    Golf around the world, what's new, what's happening and what's hip in the world of golf.
  • Women and Golf
    From golfing while pregnant to the who's who in ladies golf, read our indepth section of articles for women in golf. Includes women golf blogs and headlines for women in golf.
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Wrist Rite Golf Tool
Wrist Rite golf tool

Golf Training Aid keeps your Lead Wrist Alignment Flat so you drive better, pitch better and putt better.

Wrist Rite in your golf glove

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