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December 9, 2009

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KIKO Golf Articles

Brought to you by Don Wedderspoon, In-house Golf Pro, and His top golf tip picks from Pro's around the World.


Identify Your Swing Type
Improve your golf game by practicing the right things for your own individual swing. What swing type are you?

Golf Advice from a Candid Observer
Help for weekend players to trim strokes from their golf handicaps.

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Ask the Golf Pros

Ask the Expert
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Whiskey Mountain Wars Game by KIKO

A new online game phenomenom that take gaming to a whole new dimension. If you grew up on Dukes of Hazzard, you'll love Whiskey Mountain Wars, the online game that allows you to do whiskey running and bootleg your whiskey while dodging FBI's. Based on 1970's whiskey running, this game will have you playing for hours of enjoyment. Play for free at : whiskeywars.com.

Synopsis: Get away from the everyday, gather yer cuzins, and come up the mountain to get yer own farm and 'still' for making moonshine. Watch out for them there pesky FBI agents who'll be tryin' to catch you before you can deliver yer brew to the tavern. Use your cuzins to take down the Whiskey King and own the mountain.

Giv'er a try

More Golf Articles....

A Great Shot to have in Your Repetoire
Play Great Golf “Flop” Shots – 4 Easy Tips to Impress Your Friends and Improve Your Game

Max Velocity and Club Lag
A professional NEVER lets the club-head pass his hands before impact. This is the key to great golf.

Great Idea not Just for the Off Season
As we age some of us have a tendency to lose our flexibility among other things so anything we can to help prevent this is greatly appreciated.

Get the Latest in Golf Headlines
Want to know who is doing what in the golf world? Catch up on what is happening with the latest golf headlines across the globe brought to you by KIKO Golf.

What Else is KIKO Doing?

KIKO is a multi-product company!

It's right around the corner and we're getting geared up for the massive Grand Launch of our new web site featuring our new fishing product line up. Don't forget to check out our Fishing Web Site - kikofishing.com. You won't want to miss it! If you love to fish, you'll love what's coming! Don't forget to join the Free Monthly Newsletter on Fishing while you are there.

Online Video Games
Our NEW online video game. For the past few months we have been merging into the video game market with a talented crew of programmers. If you play any online games, you won't want to miss out on this! Visit Whiskey Mountain Wars and PLAY NOW!

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