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~ John White ~
CPGA Professional Golfer

CPGA Professional Golfer John White "Wrist Rite has the right stuff to help everyone improve their golf game, lower their handicap, and even earn bragging rights on the 19th hole. Wrist Rite is a wonderful product that gives instant feedback to the player from hitting the driver right through to the putting stroke. For half (1/2) the price of a golf lesson the Wrist Rite golf tool provides a lifetime of lessons on one of the most important aspects of the golf swing, the flat upper wrist. Every golfer, pro shop, golf student and golf pro should have this product."


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Wrist Rite helped me get a hole in one

Practise makes perfect after using the Wrist Rite. While practising at Lookout Point, I found my iron play to be more accurate.
Recently I scored a Hole-In-One as a testament to my success.
~Bill Urquhart~
(June 16/07 - Lookout Point, nine iron, 152 yards)

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Wrist Rite keeps the lead wrist flat

Jean Reimer credits Wrist Rite for one of the reasons she wins tournaments. She tells us she uses it to improve her putting and short game which helped her play better golf leading to tournament wins.

The Wrist-Rite is one Teaching Aid that I fully endorse. As the Flat Left Wrist is the #1 Imperative of the golf Stroke it is mandatory that the Flat Left Wrist and its equivalent Bent Right Wrist be maintained through the Impact Zone. As 95% of all golfers Bend their Left Wrist through Impact, I immediately take the Wrist-Rite out of my pocket and insert it in their glove so they can immediately Feel what it is like to have a Flat Left Wrist (See the photo below). I even use the Wrist- Rite in my own practice sessions. This is a MUST.
~John Furze (PGA Australia, GSED)~

"Wrist Rite ensures proper wrist bio-mechanical alignment and ergonomic positioning."
Dr. Richard Tytus
~Family Doctor and Golf Aficionado~

"Wrist Rite is the product people have been looking for to instantly improve their game."
Mark Stevanovic
~ Pharmacist ~

"I found it quite useful to help keep the lead wrist straight at the top of the backswing as well as at impact. The product definitely lives up to what it says it will do for every golfer."
Chad Banks

I like the lower more penetrating flight I get when I use the wrist rite. It is very effective in windy conditions.I like its use of use plus the fact that i can use it on the course. It also makes my shots more accurate.
~ Peter Sloan

I found that it improved my short game, Chipping around the green especially. Knocked five strokes of my game on average.
~ Jake Bouman

The Advantage of the Wrist Rite System is its ease of use and simplicity.

In 1957, Ben Hogan wrote in his book that BREAKING YOUR LEAD SIDE WRIST was a major problem for most golfers.

In 2001, Tiger Woods, in his book "How I Play Golf", says basically the same thing.

David Leadbetter, the World's #1 Golf Coach, writes in his book, "Lessons from the Golf Greats" that "Bernhard Langer reguards the back of his left hand as the steering wheel that mirrors and controls the position of the club face. This rigid left hand will keep you from "flipping" at the ball with a weak scooping hand action."


The Wrist Rite Tool has grasped the attention and endorsement of Professionals, the likes of
Professional Golfer and CPGA Member, John White.

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