Golf Pro Experts on the Importance of the Flat Left Wrist

How Important is the Lead Wrist in Golf? The Experts Agree it's a Key Factor in Your Swing

The Flat Lead Golf Wrist is a key element in your swing. That's why we created the Wrist Rite to help you keep and maintain a flat wrist while you play. But don't just take our word for it. Here is what the experts have been saying for years about the importance of a flat lead wrist.

Just look at what these golf experts have to say:

Tiger Woods says it's the #1 mistake - bending the Wrist

Does Tiger talk about the Lead Wrist? He sure does! In fact he dedicated a whole section to this topic in his book "How I Play Golf" to the importance of the wrist.

The #1 mistake, flipping your wrist: "Single Worst Chipping Error You can make and unfortuneately the most common" - TIGER WOODS

The mistake that Tiger Woods is speaking about in His book "How I Play Golf" is "trying to help the ball into the air by uncocking your wrists too early on the downswing." Tiger states "I'm not sure what causes it-anxiety maybe, or perhaps the feeling that you have to somehow help get the ball into the air. In any case, what happens is the player flips the clubhead into the ball, leaving the arms and shoulders behind. All kinds of bad things happen from chili-dipping and skulling to decelerating and hitting the ball too high or too low." Tiger says "If my left wrist is cupped, I've broken down" and "After Impact my left wrist is flat."

Tiger Video on Wrist

Learn more about Tiger's Swing and how he is working on the his Flat Left Wrist in this video:
Tiger - Right Club Shaft for Wrist Alignment

Ken Venturi on the Lead Wrist Position

Does the concept of having a golf training device for the wrist have any strong value? To show the value of the Wrist Rite golf tool we take a step back in time to 1982.

FEATURE: KEN VENTURI - September 1982 Golf Magazine

Talk about a Pro who wants to make his point. Ken Venturi went as far as to put both of his wrists in plaster casts to make a point about the importance of keeping the lead wrist flat and talked about it in the September 1982 issue of "Golf Magazine". (1)

In an article written by Ken Venturi for this issue, he says "If your golf game is weak around the greens, you can improve your short game and lower your score by freezing your wrist on chips, short pitches and sand shots."

Ken refers to the casts he had made for his wrists saying that having your wrists in this "position" has several advantages. Some of these advantages include breaking the habit of flipping your wrists; easier to strike the ball more solidly because the club face is flat; if your in the right position and don't bend at the knees, your will not mishit.
A flat wrist is "the foundation for a sound short game".

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"With one simple, stiff wristed stroke you can handle almost every situation that you'll encounter around the greens in the course of normal play. Put your wrists in a "cast" and you'll not only improve your short game immediately, you'll also lay the groundwork for advancing your skills in the future."

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"Put Your Wrists in a Cast - Ken Venturi's key to consistent chipping, pitching and sand play". Golf Magazine. September 1982.

Hank Haney

Keep your left wrist flat

Compress the ball with the club's true loft.

The most important part of the golf swing is the moment of impact, obviously. And though there are a lot of different swings that can product solid impact, it's undeniable that there's only one kind of impact that can produce a particular kind of ball flight.

The important thing to remember is that the neutral grip, the back of your left hand represents the clubface. If the back of your hand is facing the target at impact, that's where the ball will go.

Good players not only have the back of the left aimed at the target, they also keep the wrist flat. That way your trapping the ball between the clubface and the ground and preserving the true loft of the club - one of the keys to a powerful hit.

If the wrist cups, you are adding some loft through impact and giving up that ball-turf compression. Practice hitting balls focusing on your left hand, nt on your backswing weight shift or anything else, and you'll start to feel the connection between your hand's position and the trajectory and direction of your shots.

by Hank Haney
Golf Digest Teaching Professional
December 2009 Issue : Golf Digest

John White

The BIGGEST GOLF MISTAKE is when golfers bend their lead wrist when the clubface makes impact with the ball.

Most teachers and instructional theories overlook teaching the correct position of the clubface. The Wrist Controls the Clubface Direction.

The problem is there is very little time, 1.5 seconds, to get your wrist in the right position if it's out of position at the top of your swing. If your not constantly aware of how your wrist is positioned you'll be hitting the ball all over the place.

For just half (1/2) the price of a golf lesson the Wrist Rite golf tool provides a lifetime of lessons on one of the most important aspects of the golf swing, the flat lead wrist. Every golfer, pro shop, golf student and golf pro should have this product.

And More

"Keeping the left wrist from cupping is essential to keeping the clubface on-line during the swing. If, from a weak hold, you hinge your wrists so that the left wrist cups, you'll rotate the clubface too far open on the backswing. Only the player blessed with ultra-fast hand speed will be able to square up the face at impact from this position."
Joe Thiel, PGA Master Professional, Golf Tips Magazine

"High Handicappers execute what is called an early release. They scoop the ball at impact because they lose the lag too early in the downswing. They have a collapsed left wrist and their hands are behind the ball. As such, they suffer a tremendous loss of power and direction and end up with a very weak hit. It's necessary to hit down with a flat left wrist that's ahead of the ball at impact."
Karen Palacios-Jansen Class A LPGA Teaching Pro

"There is only one position your hands need to be in at impact if you want to hit a solid crisp shot. The back of the forward or front hand (lead) needs to be flat. No condition is as critical in the golf swing. Back wrist bent, front wrist flat - that is the key to longer golf shots at the proper height!"
Tom Jackson PGA Osterbrook G&CC (Ontario Golf Magazine - OG)

"The flat left wrist is not only the number one alignment but also the first imperative. When the left wrist is allowed to bend during the impact interval, control of the clubface becomes difficult, if not improssible. The flat wrist allows for better control over the clubhead and clubface."
Joe Daniels, GSED, The Golfing Machine
Authorized Golf Instructor Program based on Homer Kelley's "The Golfing Machine" book what some Pro's refer to as the textbook on Golf.

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