Wrist Rite Wholesale Order Information

Find out how you can get Wrist Rite at Specially Discounted Wholesale Pricing for your Pro Shop or Driving Range.

Wrist Rite for golf pro shop products

KIKO Products Inc. goal is to get the Wrist Rite into all Golf Pro Shops in golf courses and driving ranges world wide. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES, Wrist Rite is made available online and through pro shops.

Wrist Rite is the "must have" golf tool product for golfers. People want to improve their golf game and Wrist Rite solves the number one problem golfers have, it creates a flat left wrist (or right) and prevents bending of the lead wrist during the golf swing.

Do you Have Your Wrist Rite on your Pro Shop Counter Yet?

You can make this product available direct to golfers by offering it on your pro shop counter. The Wrist Rite comes in its own compact display box so it fits into a small space. Contact us to get discounted wholesale order pricing of bulk product or the display box product. To receive Special Pricing, contact our office at 1-866-255-8100 and ask to speak to a sales representative about wholesale ordering.

Wholesale Orders


Whole Sale boxes of Wrist Rite
  • Each box contains 10 items of Wrist Rite (10pkgs. per box)
  • Display box makes a great "showcase" feature for your pro shop counter.
  • A Special insert is included in each box to keep the Wrist Rite Standing in place.
  • Takes up very minimal space on a counter (5" X 10" box)

All Wholesale Orders include information brochures for your customers and a FREE Listing of your golf course/driving range on our web site.


CALL 1-866-255-8100 and ask to speak to a Sales Representative about Wholesale Details.

Here are a Few Highlights and Endorsements this product has received since its humble beginnings in 2006

Spring 2007 - John White, CPGA, Head Pro at the beautiful Beechwood Golf and CC in Niagara Falls, Canada, Former Touring Pro, and Teaching Professional for over 30 years, joined the KIKO Team to endorse the Wrist Rite golf tool. You can reach John anytime to ask him about this golf training aid by emailing him at kikojw@kikogolf.com. He is always happy to speak to fellow pro's about this great tool.

Spring 2007-Wrist Rite Goes to TV/Radio - View one of our 3 TV Commercials/Show Airings and Radio Spots:

Fall 2007 - After a few months of existence the Wrist Rite has been voted as one of the Best New Golf Training Aids by Canadian Pro's.
~ ScoreGolf Glenlivit Rankings - 2007

Fall 2007 - Through PGA Pro David Romo, Instructor at one of the Golftec Locations in Boca Raton Florida, we were able to develop a great relationship with this franchised "Golfing School". Golftec Headquarters offers this training tool in their own booths for instructor training and recommends it.

Spring 2008 - "The Golfing Machine" (www.thegolfingmachine.com) Authorized Instructor Program, based on the book "The Golfing Machine" by Homer Kelley now endorses the Wrist Rite Golf Tool as the #1 Tool to prevent the #1 Problem in golf, bending your lead wrist. The book and Authorized Instructor program states that the Flat Left (or right) Lead Wrist is a key element in your swing and is a golfing imperative.

August 2008 - "As seen on TV" ran their own independent review and tests of the Wrist Rite Golf Tool. The outcome: Wrist Rite was given their highest ranking and their findings can be viewed online

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